TrafFix Single Spring Sign Stand w/Step-N-Drop telescoping legs & Universal Sign Holder



The TrafFix sign stand is designed with telescoping legs which create a wider stance for added stability in high wind situations. Just pull the legs out when needed, and return legs back to original position for storage. The stand can also be adjusted to 3 height levels, depending on your particular situation. Each leg can also be independently adjusted for greater stability on uneven terrain. All TrafFix sign stand models are available with a 10" height extender and a Universal Sign Holder: The 10" height extender adapts to the stand for added height, or where maximum sign height is required without raising the legs; while the Universal Sign Holder allows the TrafFix sign stand to accomodate any manufacturer's roll-up signs. A two position leg adjustment allows all four legs to be individually adjusted for uneven terrain. Each and every TrafFix Sign Stand is designed with unique Step-N-Drop Legs, this highly advanced feature enables you to quickly set-up the stand without having to bend over or stoop down. Simply place your foot on the release lever, step down and two legs will drop into position. Repeat the process for the remaining two legs and you are ready for the sign. The Step-N-Drop leg release system is also available on all 4 legged sign stands from TrafFix Devices.

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    • TrafFix Single Spring Sign Stand Universal Sign Holder. NCHRP 350 approved.
    • Compact stand made of powder coated steel
    • Four Step-N-Drop telescoping legs
    • Universal Sign Holder

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Viz-Con

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