Curing Compound



Sikaflex220+ is designed for use in replacing polyurethane direct-glazed automotive glass parts

Quick Overview

  • One-component formulation

  • Fast curing speed

  • High mechanical performance

  • Black primerless to glass

  • Short cut-off string

  • Safe Drive Away Time in as little as two hours when used on vehicles without a passenger side airbag, eight hours with passenger airbag Exceeds FMVSS 212/208 in its most severe interpretation with dual airbags and unrestrained dummies

  • Cost effective
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Sikaflex220+ is a one-component cold-applied, fast-curing, high-viscosity polyurethane adhesive designed for use in replacing direct glazed automotive glass parts. Engineered to perform to the strength of OEM requirements, Sikaflex220+ exceeds all federal requirements even in the most severe interpretations for FMVSS 212 / 208.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Sika

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