Hydrocide 700B

MasterSeal® 614


MasterSeal® 614 are cold-applied water-based emulsified-asphalt dampproofing and vapor-retarding coatings for use on "green" or slightly damp surfaces. MasterSeal® 614 is reinforced with short fibers for application by brush or spray.

Quick Overview

  • Suitable for "green" or slightly damp surfaces - Speeds dampproofing of new foundation walls

  • Nonflammable - Minimizes fire hazards during application

  • Water clean up - User friendly; enhances production

  • Flexible - Withstands normal expansion and contraction

  • Wide service temperature range, -40 to 150° F (-40 to 66° C) - Suitable for most climates
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: BASF

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